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To build the world's best, scientifically robust and user friendly ocean literacy portal we'd be nuts not to partner with the best organisations and experts in the business to help us get there. From tech-gods who use their IT smarts for global marine conservation projects, education gurus and leaders in ocean media. We've cobbled them together like a pack of adorable birds who waddle about wearing tuxedos (and we're all here for it...). This is the  place where it's all happening and we're thankful to our partners for helping to make it happen. Check out there expertise and projects but clicking on their links below.

Unico Conversation Foundation

The Unico Conservation Foundation is a not-for-profit dedicated to marine conservation initiatives in Australia and developing countries with a commitment to projects that support marine conservation initiatives that; contribute to creating healthier and more sustainable oceans and empower and resource communities to achieve sustainable marine conservation outcomes.

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Ocean Geographic Society

A global voice for the ocean, lead by the world leading photographers and scientists. It has a global reputation, that looks at the human cultures which have been dependent historically on the sea, and delves into deep and shallow seas exploration. It captures the latest discoveries, research and imagery through scientific expeditions, forums and industry-leading partnerships in a quarterly almanac.

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Coast Action

Coastcare is a community-based movement and program that supports community stewardship through thousands of  volunteer groups that actively work to protect and enhance Victoria's marine and coastal environments.

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Nautilus Educational

Nautilus Training & Curriculum Pty Ltd is committed to providing a learning environment that is conducive to the success of its students, and believes that the most conducive environment, for delivering its competency-based training programs, is the workplace.

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The International Pacific Marine Educators Network (IPMEN) is a network of marine educators whose shared vision is to nurture a fuller understanding of the ocean’s value, leading to informed, responsible and creative decisions that conserve and restore the integrity of the ocean’s ecosystems in the Pacific. The mission of IPMEN is to foster collaborative relationships that will create the resources, programs, training and leadership necessary to build ocean literacy at every level of society in the Pacific region.


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