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We're a talented, creative and passionate bunch of ocean advocates. From world-leading scientists, communication experts, directors, documentary makers, authors and educators and just about everything in between. It's a symbiotic partnership that ensures our content is compelling, user friendly, relevant and scientifically robust.  

OceansIQ Team
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Brett Shorthouse

Manager and Producer

Brett has produced high quality natural history programs including the Great Barrier Reef series and a 20 part children’s series Barney's Great Barrier Reef for international broadcasters including the BBC, Nat Geo and Discovery, 

 He has also produced a diverse range of projects for federal, state and local government departments and the corporate sector, including specific target audience programs on health, science, education, indigenous and maritime communications, with particular emphasis on sustainable resource management. Production samples can be seen on rgbmedia.com.au

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Prof. Jamie Seymour

Lead Scientist and Brains Trust

Most of Jamie’s research and consultancy activity is focused on cubozoan biology and toxicology (box jellyfish and Irukandji) and applied entomology. He has published extensively and has participated in over 18 natural history documentaries. In 2001 he established the Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit (TASRU) which is a diverse mix of both medical and biological researchers from around the world. He is the joint program leader for the centre for Biodiscovery and Molecular Development of Therapeutics (BMDT) in the faculty of Health and Molecular Sciences at JCU

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Pacharina Perez

Communications Coordinator

Analytical scientist turned science communicator, Pacharina believes in the importance of education and in improving the future through open dialogues about science. She is chemist by degree with experiences spanning a wide range of fields such as medical science and the environmental sciences. She effectively bridges knowledge gaps by combining art, science, and technology.  Originally from Florida, Pacharina grew up near the ocean and learnt early on to appreciate all aspects of it and is dedicated to helping scientists bring attention to marine education and conservation.

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Jen Bottle

Production Manager & Writer

Jennifer Bottle is a Tasmanian writer, producer, director and presenter with over twenty years’ experience in broadcast and corporate media. In 2007 she launched Bottlemedia a digital video production service that creates innovative, results-driven video content for leading global and Australian brands. Jennifer works with clients locally and abroad and is a creative writer with national media company, Grant Broadcasters. She is also passionate about the marine environment and is part of OIQ's new documentary 

Tasmania Down Under.

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Advisory Board

If Sheree had her choice, she would have gills instead of lungs, a breath hold to rival the sperm whale and a sparkly green mermaid-esque tail. Since she doesn’t, this marine biologist, does the next best thing and spends as much time as she can scuba diving and blowing bubbles. When she’s a land lover you can find Sheree working on a range of innovative and engaging projects that bridge the gap between marine science and the public. She is a board member of our partner organisation Unico Conservation Foundation, is a former Young Australian of the Year, documentary maker and award-winning author with many books under her belt including ‘KamaSEAtra – Secrets of sex in the sea, a humour look at how sea creatures do the no pants dance. 

Marine Scientist and Communicator

Sheree Marris

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Dr Ian Bell is a Research Scientist with Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection’s Threatened Species Unit. Having been involved with marine reptile research since 1995, Ian's current research covers multiple turtle conservation projects determining marine turtle life history parameters, population structure and distribution around the world including Queensland, Papua New guinea and Bahrain.  Over the last several years he has become more involved in working with Indigenous communities to understand trends and threats to local sea turtle populations. 

Ocean Literacy Expert

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Harry Breidahl

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