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OceansIQ is a free online marine portal dedicated to sharing the Ocean's stories and resourcing marine educators to inspire, engage and encourage the exploration and protection of our blue planet. From scientist interviews, searchable species databases, imagery libraries and other tools that will assist in building ocean literacy nationally and internationally. Our content has been carefully crafted by our talented team and partners to ensure it's compelling, user friendly, relevant and scientifically robust. 


There are some pretty amazing minds out there studying our big blue planet and we're building a library of interviews which showcases scientists from around the world and their fascinating research. Think submerged canyons and landslides,  medicines from menacing blobs of marine gloop and how looking at oceans in the past can help predict its future. 

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Marine resources are spread far and wide, are often outdated and  and sometimes squirrelled so far away they don't see the light of day. So we're trying to lighten the load, with a load of easily accessible online resources that will make teaching ocean literacy a little easier. As our partnership grow our content library will expand. Think of it like an evolving coral reef, although it will take months, not millennia. 


Want to know more about a species or habitat, or want to identify a species? This is a great place to start. We're continually  working with scientists to update our oceanapedia to ensure users have all last research, facts, figures and imagery at their finger tips.  All information is validated by the scientists who are experts in their fields. 

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We're actively reaching into as many platforms as possible to showcase and celebrate our blue planet. Whether it's in leading magazines, viral videos or getting our mugs on your favourite morning breakfast show, this is the place to see where we've been and who've we've been talking to. 

The Nature
Of Science

As well as providing an online marine resource, we're also busy behind the scenes working with a range of complimentary marine based projects that include; using ancient scientific techniques to showcase the inner workings of ocean life to bringing Australia's 'Apple Isle' to life across a number of multimedia platforms.

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