At the core of OceanIQs mission is bringing the underwater world to a topside audience.
Our team has produced a wide ranging variety of educational resources.  These include broadcast documentaries, an online video encyclopedia, marine identification tools, hands-on student programs, dedicated video learning tools and interactive installations.

Video Encyclopedia

With over 180 videos, this amazing collection of information let's you explore the world of coral reefs.


From damsel fish to the pelagic to how marine protected areas work, we cover a wide range of coral reef topics in an easy to understand way, with stunning underwater cinematography.


The Nature of Science

Associate Professor Jamie Seymour, from James Cook University in Cairns, Australia, is a well known researcher and educator who has a long track record of documentaries and other engaging science communications. 


The Nature of Science short videos is his latest venture and new stories are popping up regularly, so be sure to check in!

JCU Aquarium

The JCU Aquarium is home to OceanIQ's and Biopixel's Richard Fitzpatrick and Jamie Seymour. The long-established and ever-growing aquarium system is an important research and filming hub, as well as a growing education facility.


Aimed at pre-tertiary students, the aquarium has a wide range of animals, questions and tools to encourage curiosty in young scientific minds.

Fish & People

An engaging 60 minute video production educating about fish populations and their sustainable use using everyday language, great underwater cinematography and clear graphics. The production is divided into 5 modules and is accompanied by a comprehensive teachers guide.


Currently aimed at high school students in the Soloman Islands, future versions will be aimed at communities in Papua New Guinea and Australia. The program is a great resource for those interested in how sustainabilty can be measured and approached in regard to marine resources.

Ocean Encyclopedia ('A-Z of marine life')

The Ocean Encyclopedia A-Z is an adapted MESA resource that showcases some of Australia's marine biodiversity.

Coral Finder

The system that takes the mystery out of coral identification!


At the heart of the Coral Finder is an underwater book that guides you through a visual decision-making process to label your mystery coral down to genus level.


More than just an amazing field guide, the Coral Finder provides a tonne of information and assistance to help you on your journey to identifying corals anywhere between the Red Sea and Easter Island.

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